IVF tools help estimate dates and milestones during in-vitro fertilization pregnancy. You can track down the weeks of pregnancy, estimated due dates, and others using this calculator in your IVF treatment. As per the embryo transfer or retrieval of eggs date, these tools can offer data as the projected due date and the number of weeks of pregnancy.

The pregnancy period varies among different women, lasting around 40 weeks. In the IVF pregnancy and embryo transfer process, the IVF due dates will be 2 weeks less than the regular pregnancy dates. The individual IVF process does not account for the last ovulation or menstrual period. If you're looking for pregnancy tips during your IVF journey, it's important to consult with your healthcare provider for personalized guidance and advice. This blog focuses on understanding and using the IVF calculator.

Understanding the IVF pregnancy calculator

Different in vitro fertilization processes, such as fresh and frozen embryo transfer (FET), are available. Ensure the type of IVF cycle you have had or intend to have. To use the IVF pregnancy calculator, follow these steps to find out your due date:

  • Find a reliable IVF pregnancy calculator - Among the numerous options, find a reliable and trusted calculator.
  • Provide relevant information - The calculator requires relevant information. You will be required to provide information such as the date of egg retrieval or embryo transfer, the type of IVF cycle (fresh or frozen), and the date of your embryo transfer or egg retrieval.
  • Calculate the results -  Once the data is available with all the required information, the calculator will give the information on the due date and number of weeks of pregnancy.

Now you know to use an IVF calculator. You may use it to get insights about your pregnancy journey to understand the information.

Manual Ways to Calculate Due Delivery Date

Besides using an IVF calculator, there are even manual ways to calculate your due date. If you have undergone fresh embryo transfer (FET) IVF treatment, you must add 38 weeks, or 266 days, to the day of the egg retrieval.

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However, if you decide to base your calculations on the day the embryo transfer occurred, or for frozen embryo transfer, there might be a little change in the calculation. Add 266 days to the embryo transfer date and reduce three or five days from the sum. The number of days reflects how long it has been since the egg fertilized.


Remember that an IVF pregnancy calculator is only a tool for approximation; your pregnancy's course and result will vary. Contact a medical practitioner to receive correct data and individualized assistance through your IVF experience. They assist with important pregnancy tips and help with the calculations according to your pregnancy case.

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